Portuguese Custard Tarts

30 08 2009

These little beauties are kind of fiddly to make but well worth it for their lovely creamy custard and flaky pastry taste.   The last time I attempted these I made a glaring error when it came to making the pastry cases and was left with some comical puff pastry snail like shapes and exploded custard.   If you don’t want a repeat of my pastry snails I will stress the importance of following all the steps carefully and do not try to cut corners by cutting the circles directly from the pastry.  All we become clear when you see the recipe below!

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Mini donut muffins

27 08 2009

These tasty treats are muffins with an identity crisis.  They have the texture and taste of heavy, fried donuts but are baked like muffins.  I’ve yet to master making them without over filling them with jam and having little jam volcanos on the muffin tops but they are still tasty once they’ve been dipped in butter and rolled in sugar.  I used a 24 hole mini muffin pan and doubled the recipe and got about 36 mini muffins from all the batter.

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24 08 2009

Here are a few of my favourite cakes from the past few years.  I consider these my best and each time I attempt a new design I learn a new skill or find out how not to make a certain feature work.

My cousins 13th birthday cake.  This was a copy of the real guitar he got for his birthday and my first attempt at a guitar.  I was really pleased with how it turned out and the birthday boy loved it.

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Mars Bar Cheesecake

24 08 2009

While I do prefer a baked cheesecake for the smooth texture, every so often I like to make something that doesn’t require the oven. This Mars Bar Cheesecake is a favourite as you get the lovely nuggets of chewiness mixed through the creamy cake. Previously I haven’t added the chocolate and caramel in the middle but this time I did and unfortunately used ready made caramel which created a watery mess in the middle of the cheesecake. That is the reason I don’t have a beautiful picture of the sliced cake! Despite my error, this is a straightforward recipe and worth bookmarking as it could easily be adapted to add other chocolate bars or flavours.

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Banana Chocolate Caramel Cake

18 08 2009

I have a long list of recipes filed, printed, handwritten & stored in a variety of ways, all ready to be selected when the mood strikes for a particular ingredient or just to try something new.  One of the best places to find something new or different is online.  The following bundt cake recipe is from one of my favourite blogs www.crepesofwrath.net

It seems that I rarely make this type of cake anymore, these days all my cakes are usually for a client and are to be carved up and covered in fondant.  I decided on this particular recipe as I love the combination of banana, chocolate & caramel and I don’t use my bundt pan very often.

I made some amendments to the recipe but I’ve posted the whole list with notations of which ingredients I omitted or substituted.

Check out the first use of the cup, saucer & side plate that I bought at the Newtownabbey Shoreline Festival.  I just love the blue flower pattern.

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Rubber Duck Cake

17 08 2009

My most recent cake order was for a 1st birthday and the girl in question is a huge fan of the humble rubber duck.  I was quite excited when I heard about this order as I’ve wanted to try a rubber duck cake for quite some time.  As my first baby shower cake was based around a pair of baby booties I wasn’t sure when I would get my chance to try modelling a rubber duck.  As well as looking forward to creating this cake I was happy to hear my brief was very open to my interpretation as long as the duck was featured.

Here is the final cake…

See after the jump for step by step photographs and the cake recipe.

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Lemon Meringue Squares

9 08 2009

As an added extra to send home with my parents I thought I’d make something to counter the rich chocolate in the brownies and I remembered this raspberry meringue square recipe that I made for a bake sale earlier this year which was very popular.  I bought some lemon curd recently and thought that would be a nice combination, sweet meringue and tart lemon.  Check out the pictures and recipe below.


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