Belfast Taste & Music Fest

9 08 2009

This week Botanic Gardens in Belfast was host to the Taste & Music Fest

and we visited for the last session this evening from 5pm to 10.30pm.  While I didn’t agree with having to pay an entrance fee then more money for tokens to pay for the food we really enjoyed the variety of food available and the brilliant entertainment featuring the Strictly Come Dancing Band and dancers Camilla Dallerup & Ian Waite.  As the crowd had thinned out a little due to the inevitable rain we were able to get easy access to the food and a great view of the stage.  Below and after the jump are some camera phone pictures of some dishes we sampled.  Unfortunately some were eaten so quickly I didn’t have a chance to take pictures!



Pork Belly with bushmills whiskey caramelised apples from Yellow Door (this was so good my better half ordered it twice!)


Scallops & coleslaw from one of the Chicago Chef stands.  My mum said this wasn’t as tasty as it looked and the scallops were only lukewarm.


Cheese & tomato authentic Chicago deep pan pizza.  As the only vegetarian my dad enjoyed this but would have liked more vegetarian choices.


Dad’s other choice of pecan & blue cheese salad.

tabouli salad

Tabbouleh salad which resembled rice & salsa to me.


Mini steak baguette with caramelised onions and rocket.  These were beautifully cooked and the bread and salad really fresh.  These were from the 27 Talbot Street stand.


Fig bun from one of the Chicago stands which also had sweet cannoli and choc & nut cups.

yellowman icecream

Yellowman Ice Cream from the Yellow Door stand.  We had 2 portions of this as it was so delicious and one of the best value for money desserts on offer.


This was the dessert box on offer from the Merchant Hotel.  I mainly picked it for the box design as I’m going to copy it with my own papers and design in order to give cupcakes/ cookies as presents.


Inside was a lovely scone, bakewell tart and choux swan with cream.  There was a small tub of clotted cream and jam for the scone which really set the whole box off nicely.

Overall it was a wonderful evening (despite the rain!) and we enjoyed all the food we tried.  Thank you everyone for allowing your food to get a little colder while I photographed it!  While the Chicago chefs had some lovely menus it seems that we enjoyed more of the food from the Northern Irish chef stands and although I’d tried a sandwich from the Yellow Door on the Lisburn Road I hadn’t realised the variety available through the catering arm of their business.




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12 08 2009

The choice for vegetarians was very poor sadly. We had some nice brsuchetta with mishrooms in a garlic sauce, and some parmesan which was tasty though. Wouldn’t bother getting any food next time but would go for the atmosphere and music if someone I liked was playing again. Glad you enjoyed it.

4 08 2011

Oh god I want to eat all that so badly and now am gutted I can’t go this week although probably just as well lol
Look forward to pics and reviews missis – have a great time!!! xx

4 08 2011

Shame you can’t make it, would’ve been great opportunity to meet you properly. I love nothing more than meeting people over good noms! Maybe next year?!!!

4 08 2011

I concur! Food and good company is a formula that cannot be beaten! Hopefully plan ahead for hitting some of the great festivals etc next year for sure! xx

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