40th Anniversary Golf Cake

4 09 2009

This is my first Golf themed cake.

It was ordered by a friend for his parents 40th Wedding Anniversary.  They are both keen golfers so his first choice was a golf theme.  I learnt a lot of valuable lessons with this cake, especially about making fondant figures.  I originally created two heads based on a clay figure modelling book but realised once they were finished that they were far too large and although they looked slightly realistic they did not resemble the couple at all.  After a search online at some other cake decorators figure work  and consultation with my better half I decided that a more cartoon style of face would work better.  With this method you can add features that are specific to each person but retain a smoothness and cuteness that belies age, shape or style.

Here are some close up pictures of the features of the cake.

The trees are fondant covered foil.  The rocks are marbled fondant in grey & brown.  The flag pole is a cocktail stick and the flag is made with fondant.  The water is royal icing thinned with water and coloured with Ice Blue sugarflair paste colour.

The figures are all made with fondant.  I made the heads first and let them dry separately and attached them with a little cocktail stick and some royal icing.  The eyelashes & eyebrows were drawn on with sugarflair food colouring pens.  There were things I’d do differently but I’m quite pleased with how these turned out.

Out of all the decorations I am most pleased with the golf bag.  The bag and strap are made from fondant, each club was made individually.  I used half a cocktail stick wrapped in white fondant, made the club shape (based on pictures of a full set of real clubs)  Once they were dry I painted them all with Antique Silver lustre dust mixed into rejuvenator spirit.

Overall I was happy with the result as I put a lot of time and effort into this cake.  I’ve learnt a lot about modelling, especially about figures and I feel much more confident about possible modelling on future cakes.




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