Picture Post – Choc chip shortbread, marble cake, rock muffins

24 10 2009

After an absense due to illness & holidays this post is just a little catch up on baking of the past few weeks.  As I’m currently between making two large cake orders I only have time to post pictures so apologies for no recipes at this time.

Chocolate Chip Shortbread – These didn’t have the snap and melt in your mouth feel that I like from shortbread but they were still tasty and were delicious with a cup of tea.  Their mini size (about 1 and 1/2″) means you can indulge in more than one!

This Marble cake usually has orange mixed through but as I had none to hand I kept it plain and notched up the vanilla to give it a nice contrast.  It was a little dry so I think I’ll have to add a little more liquid next time to give it the moist texture you need with a cake that is being eaten plain.

These little rock cake style muffins are a strange hybrid but had a nice firm crust with soft dense cake laced with choc chips on the inside.  As with many new recipes I might not be happy with, these went down very well with my taste testers, proving that taste is the number one priority.




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