Pink Cadillac Cake

24 10 2009

This is one of hardest cakes I’ve ever made.  I knew it would be difficult as it’s my first car cake and there were a lot of different structual elements to put together.  I originally wanted to carve the seated area out of the cake but soon realised it would mean losing a lot of cake, my better half came up with the great idea of just cutting the cake in half and creating the seating area between the two halves.

There were also a few more non edible elements to this cake than normal.  I would prefer to keep everything edible but it’s not always possible when you are only using cake as support which is such a volatile material.




4 responses

28 10 2009

Looks amazing!! You are ridiculously talented!! xo

28 10 2009

Thanks missus. Much appreciated.

30 04 2013

would love a walk through 🙂

9 05 2013

Hi Mandy,

Thanks for your comment. Its been so long since I created this cake I’m not sure how much I remember. I think I just cut a rectangular cake in half and made the seats out of fondant and placed them in between. The windscreen is plastic with a fondant trim painted silver. As this was before I discovered tylo powder my fondant was very soft so the tail fins sagged quite a lot. I’d say some googling would find you a decent walkthrough of much better cars than mine! Or maybe try youtube 🙂

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