A special Halloween Birthday

30 10 2009

I’m really proud of the work I did on this cake.  It took 4 nights and a total of nearly 16 hours but I think it turned out really well.  The client wanted a special cake for her 50th but it had to be Halloween themed as it’s her birthday on All Hallow’s Eve.  I sent her several pictures as inspiration and to show her some themes and she actually picked a very specific cake from the wonderful Pink Cake Box.  I told her that it would be my interpretation but she was happy as long as I included a happy witch and a cat.

I’ve included some close ups and other angles after the jump…




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30 10 2009

That is AMAZING looking! I think you need to up your prices! Have you seen what people charge for wedding cakes, and half of them don’t contain even a tenth of your attention to detail. Love it xox

1 11 2009

Thanks! I keep saying I’m going to charge more but then restrain myself as I’m only doing it part time and feel like I can’t justify higher prices. In reality it probably costs me more as I’m not doing it everyday, getting wholesale prices on ingredients & materials, etc.

30 10 2009

Bloody Fantastic (as usual)

1 11 2009

Thanks mum! xo

31 10 2009

Loving the details on this! Especially the hand-painted tree silhouette and happy witch 🙂

A question, did you use dowels to support the tiers, or can they actually support just like that? I’ve made a wedding cake with cakeboard+dowels, but am wondering if I can do a smaller scaled (10-8-6) tiered birthday cake without the board+dowel. What do you think?

1 11 2009

Thanks for the comment! I used plastic drinking straws as support. The bottom tier is about 9 inches with 3 straws, the second tier is 8 inches, has a 2mm board underneath and then 3 straws in it, the top tier is 6 inches, has a 2mm board underneath and 2 straws in it. The top of the pumpkin is actually foil inside as it’s secured with thin dowelling and I didn’t want to make it out of cake and have it break down the middle.

I always err on the side of caution (I’ve not made a lot of tiered cakes TBH) and use some form of support. It would really depend on the cake, how far in advance it’s being made, how far it’s being transported and what the decoration is going to be. I’ve seen Ina Garten make a dense chocolate cake (not split and filled) with small tiers (I think it was 10-8-6) and just decorate with chocolate buttercream piping. If it’s going to be a fondant covered cake with lots of detail I’d use support.

31 10 2009

Well done! And thanks for the credit. To be fair and to give credit where credit is due, our version of the cake was originally inspired by Freed’s Bakery in Las Vegas 🙂 Thanks!

1 11 2009

Thanks! I knew it didn’t look exactly like yours (as I’m not as skilled/ experienced) but I was worried that you may be annoyed that I’d stolen your design (or Freeds Bakery as the case may be) To be honest I normally prefer to come up with my own design (as I’m worried that the client won’t like it if it doesn’t look exactly like the picture they pick!) but she loved that design so I just went with my interpretation.

6 11 2009

This is just stunning – wow! I just do not know how you do it – seriously!
You know you could probably do a great business in teaching people to make cakes as well as making them.

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