Christening Cake

21 11 2009

I’m really pleased with this cake design.  It turned out even better than I thought it would when I started working on it.  The booties are a mix of gumpaste and fondant and the blocks are fondant covered rice crispie treats.  The cake is lemon with raspberry & cream filling.  I think the simple combination of the pink against white is really effective.  

40th Birthday Surprise

21 11 2009

This simple vanilla, raspberry & cream cake was a surprise for a friends 40th birthday.  I wanted to include some of her favourite things so made little fondant models of a handbag, fit flops, perfume, jewellery and flowers.  I’m most proud of the little red handbag as it really sums up the birthday girl and I love it in miniature. 

See some close ups after the jump.

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Ka Cake

14 11 2009

My second car cake took the form of a Ford Ka for an 18th birthday party. The only requirements were that it was silver, the car’s name was Dottie and it was chocolate fudge cake.

Lemon & Raspberry 4 layer cake

8 11 2009

Recently I’ve seen an increase in requests for cakes and each time someone orders a novelty cake I ask a few important questions.  Number one on that list is “What kind of cake would you like?” and invariably the answer is Vanilla or Chocolate.  I do love my vanilla sponge and I adore the moist Devils Food Chocolate Cake that I use for nearly all my cakes but there is a tiny part of me that wishes someone would ask for something different, maybe an unusual request for a random flavour combination.  I know that if it happens I’ll probably resent the time & experimentation it will take to perfect a new flavour of cake so I’ve decided to make a head start.

This Lemon cake is another Martha Stewart creation and her original recipe called for lemon curd filling and swiss meringue buttercream topping.  I didn’t have any lemon curd and my attempt at the buttercream failed miserably so this has raspberry jam filling and royal icing with lemon juice as the icing.  The recipe is after the cut.

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