A Snow Boarding Christmas

29 12 2009

Unfortunately life has got in my way and prevented more regular updates recently.  Alongside the fact that I have college exams in May we just got a new puppy so baking is taking a backseat for a few months.  It is my intention to carry on personal baking so I hope to continue to update here with any new baking endeavours but novelty cakes will be rare. 

My last commission before Christmas was a request via twitter!  The client’s fiance is a huge fan of snowboarding and the criteria I had to fulfil included his favourite snow board design, a mountain scene with two signs pointing towards Banff and Sunshine (excuse my ignorance but I’m assuming they are ski/snow boarding resorts!) and chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream. 

The cake is Devils Food Cake and only forms the bottom third of the whole structure.  The mountains are formed from Rice Crispie Squares moulded into shape and then the whole creation was covered in 2 layers of royal icing.  The figure, trees, snowboard and signs are a fondant/ gumpaste mix. 

This cake provided quite a few challenges but the most difficult was the chocolate buttercream.  Bizarrely for a cake decorator and baker I’ve only made buttercream twice and both times were a complete failure!  I detest buttercream as I can always taste the butter which to my mind is a savoury food and not something that should share the same plate as sweet cake. For this cake I tested a recipe that called for plain chocolate and double cream to be added to the butter and icing sugar & it turned into a hard lump of sugary goo!  I scrapped that and tried a more traditional method which required adding cocoa powder and melted chocolate after the butter and sugar had been creamed together.  It was beautiful, I could hardly taste the butter at all and it was wonderfully creamy. 

This cake was picked up on the 23rd Dec as it was for a birthday on Christmas Eve, I was assured by the client that the birthday boy loved the cake.  I’m glad that I was able to make it personal and that he enjoyed his surprise.