Football themed birthday cake

17 02 2010

This cake was a last minute decision for family.  I meant to ask if a cake was needed for the 50th party weeks ago but only remembered on Thursday so this was all made on Sunday morning.  It took a few hours from start to finish, the logo was super quick, hence why it’s not as good as I’d like but everyone recognised it so that’s half the battle won!

The cake is a 10″ Double Vanilla with raspberry and Vanilla cream filling.  The covering is covered fondant, the logo was hand cut and letters were made with these:  I’ve had a set of smaller tappits before and never quite mastered using them.  I finally did some research, checked videos online and read the instructions correctly.  I’m so happy that I can now use them properly and with a lot less fuss.  My top tip is to make two of every letter or number you need, they are fragile once dried and break so easily! 




2 responses

18 02 2010

I have been admiring your funky letters for a while. I have letter cookie cutters but they are a LOT less funky. Very tempting. Very nice fondanting job too. Round cakes are so much easier than cornered ones. I need to learn to do neat joins in the seams.

What did you use to cut out the logo? I am looking for a cutting tool that’s not a knife that you can kind of cut vertically with. I guess I should look online at some cake decorating sites!

24 02 2010

Hi, thanks for commenting! It took me months to find those letter cutters and several months more to learn to use them! I think they’re a very worthwhile purchase though. I’m still learning as I go along and frequently have problems with fondant smoothing! I just used a small kitchen knife for the logo, it was such a rushed job I didn’t even get out my fondant tools.


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