New baby cookies

17 02 2010

A good friend of the family just had a baby boy and I decided it was time I used my Rubber Duck cookie cutter to celebrate the joyous occasion.  I’ve only made cut out iced cookies twice and they’ve never been too successful for me so I approached these cookies with extreme trepidation.  Checking out some of my favourite cookie blogs before I embarked on this endeavour did not help my confidence at all.  I followed a few blog recipes for my cookies and for a royal icing recipe that used meringue powder rather than egg whites.  Both recipes worked very well and I admit any errors or problems with either were down to my haste to get these cookies finished.

I made the sugar cookie dough one night, rolled and baked the cookies another night and the icing took another few hours over the weekend.  Then once everything had dried solid I used small clear bags, yellow ribbon and homemade tags to bag each cookie.  This was definitely a labour of love but I am very happy with the results and  I’ve learnt a lot for next time.

Please ignore the bubbles, wonky outlines and general lack of quality here.  There were things I should have done with my outline icing (thin it a little to smooth it out) and my flood icing wasn’t quite the right consisitency and my piping tips were a little too large.  Ah well, once bagged they looked much better and I know they’ll still be appreciated despite the many flaws I can see.  More lessons learned.




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