Sacher Torte (Gluten Free)

12 06 2010

I’m often asked if I do gluten free baking and I’m embarrassed to say it’s not something I’ve ever attempted before.  As it’s becoming more common to have intolerances to certain foods or ingredients I thought it was about time I tried something that would appeal to those who usually can’t enjoy my baking.

I’ve had the Murphys Ice Cream Book of Sweet Things for months and had yet to try any of the recipes. I had a lot of eggs and almond meal and the Sachertorte immediately jumped out as being something I could try and it was gluten free.  I also appreciated that this recipe uses raspberry jam instead of the traditional apricot as I love the combination of raspberry and chocolate.


200g of 70% chocolate

200g butter – cut into pieces and slightly softened

15g butter for greasing the tin

200g sugar

200g almond flour (ground almonds)

8 eggs

400g raspberry jam


85g unsalted butter

225g of 70% chocolate

150ml golden syrup

15ml (1 tablespoon) cognac or good rum (I omitted this)

Preheat oven to 180C/ 350F/ Gas mark 4

Melt the chocolate

Grease the bottom and sides of a 9 inch cake tin. Don’t flour or cocoa the tin if you want to keep this cake gluten free.

Mix the butter and sugar for 5 minutes.  Break and separate the eggs.  Slowly add the egg yolks and continuing mixing for 5 minutes.

Mix in the almond flour.  Add the melted chocolate.  Continue mixing at a slow speed, being careful not to over-mix.

Beat the egg whites in a cold, dry bowl until soft peaks form.  Don’t over-beat.

Gradually fold the beaten egg whites into the dough until combined.

Pour the mixture into the baking tin and bake for 45 – 50 minutes (Mine was in a 10 inch tin and took a little under 40 minutes) Remove from the oven and immediately spread the raspberry jam over the top of the cake.

Leave in the baking pan for 1 hour.

To make the ganache, melt the chocolate.

Melt the butter over low heat in a separate pan (dont let it get too hot)

Stir in the golden syrup then the cognac or rum – stirring hard until it is smooth and glossy.

Pour the warm ganache over the cake, allowing some of it to run down the sides.

Spread it gently with a spatula until it covers the entire cake.  Allow to cool.  The ganache should set before serving.

I brought this into work for my colleagues (my regular baking guinea pigs) and it got seriously mixed reviews.  Many people couldn’t place the different flavours especially the almond and raspberry.  I had mixed feelings about it myself.  It was beautifully moist but the almond meal gave it a slightly odd texture and I wasn’t sure about the raspberry.  Although I was unsure about the flavours other people loved the combination including someone who is coeliac.

I doubt I will be making this as regularly as I make some of my other cakes but I’ll definitely try it again.




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