Banana pops

13 06 2010

I spend a lot of time perusing my favourite baking blogs, saving recipes, enjoying the amazing pictures and often drooling over the beautiful food.  Sometimes I save a recipe and it languishes on my computer for months.  Other times I see something and know that I just have to make it as soon as possible.  These mini banana pops from are one such recipe.  Despite our weather being a little hit and miss these days we’ve had a few hot days when only an ice cream or ice lolly will suffice.  I convinced myself that the banana make these healthy, let’s just ignore the calorific chocolate and sprinkles involved!

I used 4 small bananas and chopped them into 3 inch chunks & skewered them individually, kept them separated and froze them overnight.

Although Joy used dark chocolate and chopped nuts I decided to use some Cadburys milk chocolate buttons and a variety of sprinkles as I was testing these on people with varying tastes.

Dip the frozen banana pops in the melted chocolate, work quickly as the chocolate hardens fast, roll each pop in sprinkles of your choice. Put them back in the freezer for half and hour to harden fully then wrap individually for a nice ice treat at any time.

As well as the usual sugar sprinkles I decided to spice things up with some popping candy!  I’ve been waiting to use some in baking for a while and I thought this was a perfect opportunity.  These are a great idea for kids, I’m not even a very big banana fan and I thought these were divine.  A perfect alternative to the usual freezer wares.

You can see Joy’s original post here:




4 responses

27 07 2010
Anna Johnston

What a great idea, we’re in the middle of winter down under, but its a great idea for those summer months.

28 07 2010

Thanks, although all the credit goes to Joy for coming up with such a fun idea.

I’ve never been able to wrap my head around the opposite seasons, Christmas in the heat and ‘summer’ in the cold just seems so alien to us over here!

2 10 2010

I LOVE frozen banana pops. One of my favourite variations is mixing chopped up dried apricots with chopped mixed nuts sprinkled on the outside. I’ll have to give the popping candy one a go though – sounds fab.

2 10 2010

Oh that sounds tasty, it’s coming into winter so think I’ll prob be leaving testing new flavours until next spring but I love hearing any new flavour combinations!

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