Picture Post: Latest cakes

26 11 2010

Yet another speedy post to add a few recent cake pictures.  I’m not sure I should even make excuses for my bad blogging behaviour because I’ve left it so long and I’m not sure how long it will be until my next one.  I do have a few posts in progress and a possible competition but feel I should wait until I have more time to devote to it properly.  In the meantime some cake pics to tide you over.

This cake was a lot of fun to design and create.  It was for a friend on twitter who was the 2nd person ever to follow me and for that I am truly thankful, I’ve met a lot of wonderful tweeps through her and discovered a whole world of kitsch that I didn’t even know existed.  Her hubby and son are pretty darn fabulous too.  The brief was a retro caravan with Michael written on the board.  I may have got carried away with the additions but I couldn’t resist as I knew a few of his favourite things and wanted to make it personal for him.  I was also lucky enough to see his reaction as his mum kindly videoed it for me.  That was a lovely treat for me as I often don’t see the recipient’s delight when they see the cake for the first time.

This most recent cake was for a friend I work with.  I made her a decorated cake last year so this year I decided to concentrate on flavour rather than design.  She has a fondness for Reese’s Peanut Butter cups so I thought I’d try to incorporate peanut butter into the cake.  I scoured my multitude of baking books and found the ultimate peanut butter cake. 

It’s from All Cakes Considered by Melissa Gray which was an impulse purchase from Urban Outfitters.  Yes, I am the kind of person that gets a gift card for a clothing shop and manages to buy yet another baking book with it!  It’s a great book with wonderful side storys to each cake and personal notes from the author on adapting or perfecting the recipe.  Great for a beginner or amateur to build up their flavour repertoire. 

I chose the Heaven and Hell cake , so called for it’s alternate layers of Devils Food Cake and Angel Food Cake with a peanut butter mousse filling and milk chocolate ganache coating.  It is decadence personified and I can’t even imagine the calorie count in each slice (so I don’t!)  I used my own vanilla cake recipe for the Heaven layers and Melissa’s recipe for the Hell layer.  I was pleasantly suprised that the Devil’s Food cake was as moist as my usual recipe as she uses coffee instead of sour cream in her mixture. 

I’m not a fan of peanut butter so I didn’t try the cake myself but it received great comments, best of all from the birthday girl and it is definitely one that I’m adding to my choice of flavours.




3 responses

23 12 2010
Candace Walsh

What an amazing cake! I love it. Blown away.

23 12 2010

Thanks Candace, it was fun to try and figure out the logistics and design of the caravan. It was definitely one that I felt didn’t pull together until the last minute but I was so pleased with how it turned out!

6 04 2011

Hungry now!
I’m seriously comissioning your mad skills for my birthday cake!!!

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