Resolutions & Realisations

25 01 2011

So another year has passed and as we enter a new one I’m once again pondering whether I’ll be able to keep on top of blog posting as much as I would like to.  I was going to make a New Year resolution but I don’t think my brain could handle the additional guilt at not being able to stick to my promise.  Instead my focus is on a fresh start.  While life has been kicking me in the behind recently my baking has been neglected and part of me is happy with that.  Don’t all faint at once, it’s taken me a long time to realise that I have no one to answer to when it comes to how often I bake, or blog, or even brush my teeth (well except my dentist)  I think I’m still under the misapprehension that everything I undertake is being overseen by some higher being that has some power to punish me if I fail.  What exactly am I failing at if I don’t bake when no one has asked me to, ordered something from me or is paying me to do so?  The answer is nothing.  I don’t fail at life if I down baking tools, take a break and pay some attention to what is happening around me.  It’s something I’m still learning about & I can’t say I’ve progressed very much but I’m trying to bring the enjoyment back.  Every hobby or interest I’ve ever taken on has very quickly morphed into a chore and baking has been gradually becoming a monster in my life.  At times I feared the passion was gone altogether, I couldn’t even get motivated to think about it never mind produce something worthy of consumption. However I find myself with renewed vigour and the love for the art is back.  Now is the time to put the passion to good use and learn to balance the need to bake with the need to have a life too.  I was bitter for so long that I couldn’t pursue this full time, that other bakers, cake decorators, food bloggers had it lucky and I was forever destined to reconcile invoices while dreaming about macarons & brownies.  I can’t say I’m happy to acknowledge that this may well be my future, no one can know for sure, but I do know that I should not let that affect the love that is in my heart for the craft.

 Now that I’ve shared that insightful little part of my psyche with you I’m going to move onto more constructive information.  Not only was I finding it hard to find time to bake amongst the madness I couldn’t get past the fact that my baking equipment was a mess.  There was no point pretending any longer, I wasn’t even sure what was lurking at the back of the cupboards and instead of creating a space for everything I was just piling new on top of old and holding my breath hoping the whole Jenga like construction wouldn’t fall down round my ears the next time I opened the cupboard.

I’ve decided to share my organisational skills with the world in the hope that it inspires you to de-clutter or even to start picking up the tools of the trade that you think you might need to embark into the crazy baking world.

First things first, this is the horror before I tackled it:

There was more to this mess but I’ll refrain from bombarding you with it all.

And this is the result, totally worth 5 hours of my precious day off, really.

I’ve decided to delve deeper into each of the boxes to share my  basic baking toolkit.  I don’t consider my  collection to be large but I’m sure some beginners would find it overwhelming.  In order to save your sanity I’ll put the rest after the jump…apologies for the lengthy ramblings!

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