Happy Valentine’s Day

14 02 2011

A quick picture post to show two simple sweet ideas for your Valentine (or yourself!)  I made my go-to Brownie recipe and for dessert I simply cut out hearts and paired them with vanilla ice cream.  To stop us from eating 2 trays of brownies I then crumbled the rest, rolled them into balls and dipped them in a variety of chocolates & Valentine themed sprinkles.  I have been gathering up these sweet sprinkles & sugars for quite a while and was looking for a great excuse to use them, I just popped them in silver & red metallic mini cupcake liners and they made an impressive treat.

Enjoy the day of love, however you may be spending it xo

Picture Post

3 02 2011

Well peeps, 2 blog posts in one week, I’m spoiling you 😉 After the epic length of my previous ramblings I’ve decided to let your brains rest with a nice picture post.  It is lengthy as it’s a catch up of all my endeavours for the last few months but I want to bring myself up to date.  I have a few interesting jobs coming up that I’d like to blog within at least one month of the actual cake being made, I know, don’t quote me on that.  Apologies for the lack of picture quality, my netbook is still broken and I’m having difficulty uploading pics from my camera. These were all taken with the iphone, not so great for blog posting.

The pics after the cut are in actual timeline order but I wanted to start with this bad boy.  The wife adores all things Japanese so I wanted to combine a few elements into one cake for her birthday.  Unfortunately it was while I was making 2 other cakes so I was pushed for time.  I made the mini Buddha from rice crispie treats, fondant and gold lustre dust, the cake is a simple double layer vanilla sponge with raspberry & vanilla filling and the cherry blossoms were handpainted with sugarflair paste colours.  She loved it!

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