Team Peace

28 04 2011

I expound the benefits of Twitter on a daily basis, my family, friends & work colleagues find it bemusing and at times downright tedious but it truly has so many plus points. I have met some absolutely wonderful people that I now consider friends. Without this unusual form of social networking there is no way I would ever have encountered them in my real life.

Two such lovely ladies are @GreatLezBritain (aka Sarah & Lee) They are the British writers for afterellen which is a fantastic website that I have been a fan of since it’s inception. They were the promoters for the recent Heather Peace tour (supported by Jill Jackson)  I was excited about the tour making the effort to come across the pond to our city (take note huge productions; there are fans here who sadly are quite often neglected) Not only were we on the tour schedule, Belfast was the opening night on the two week tour of the UK. I asked Sarah & Lee if they would like a few treats to celebrate the start of the tour and they said that would be lovely. I’m sure you can guess that most of my twitter conversations are about baking & food in general. I’m happy to share that love of food with my tweeps.

I decided straight away that I would try to tackle a completely new (to me) form of baking in order to get images of the artists onto my baked goods. I ordered two sheets of edible icing images online. I took a risk in just googling for UK suppliers but I was seriously lucky in finding Cakes Crazy. They accept picture submissions & instructions via email and are super quick from sending wonderfully edited proofs to receiving the final product and at a great price.  

I quickly came up with an idea to use the album covers as cupcake toppers and larger images to top sugar cookies. I made raspberry & white chocolate cupcakes and banoffee cupcakes, both topped with white chocolate buttercream. The cookies were a simple vanilla sugar cookie. The edible images were placed on fondant before being attached to the cookies and cupcakes. The wife made the fab ‘Team Peace’ bag toppers for the cookies. As an extra and to add some chocolate into the mix I made a huge batch of my favourite brownies.

I had the great fortune to meet Heather & Jill just after their soundcheck to give them the baked treats. They were absolutely lovely and sweetly enthusiastic about the baking despite the fact that everything was running behind schedule due to some insane travel delays due to crazy high winds. Due to these constraints I was only able to briefly say hi to Heather, Jill, Sarah & Lee but I am so grateful for the opportunity to bake for them all and to have enjoyed a fabulous opening night of the tour.

If you’re a fan of great music please be sure to click on the names above to check out their websites for more info on their wonderful albums and all upcoming gigs.




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28 04 2011

They all look great – well done you!! 😀


28 04 2011

Thanks missus. I forgot you were away when they were first unveiled on twitter. I had a million more pics but managed to restrain myself. As beautiful as the ladies are I did think 20 or more pics of the toppers would be a little excessive.

1 05 2011
Sera McDaid

Hi! I’m a dedicated follower on twitter and on here and think your designs/creations are amazing, also LOVE the go along recipe tweets although can’t partake at the moment due to slimming world restrictions bummer!
Am wondering how I can get in touch with you privately?
Much food love,

1 05 2011

Hi Sera,

Thanks for your lovely comment. The wife is doing Slimming World at the moment, it can be so tough to avoid the sweet stuff. I don’t my baking helps at all!
You can contact me on



1 05 2011
Sera McDaid

Don’t know if my email shows up here – hope it does!

24 06 2011
Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella

They look fabulous! I’ve always wondered about these edible images although I don’t know if there is a place here that does them. But they’re a fantastic idea! 😀

24 06 2011

Hi Lorraine,

Thanks for the comment. It’s not something I’d used before but I had seen it on various blogs and in cake decorating shops here. Any time I’ve made a wine bottle cake or something with piped writing I’ve thought how useful an edible ink printer would be! I was so lucky to find this printing company in the UK mainland who were happy to deliver to Northern Ireland. The people I dealt with via email were super fast & extremely helpful. Although I’d love my own printer I’ve heard it can be a real tedious process with a lot of ink wasted cleaning print heads, etc. I think I’ll stick with ordering them as and when I need them in the future. A few emailed pics, pay via paypal and they usually arrive within a week. They’re awkward to work with at first but once you get the first few done it’s not too hard to master.

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