Cake catchup

3 08 2011

Well hello folks (that is if there’s anyone left out there reading my blog!)

A quick catch up on cakes from the past few months to get us up to date before I attend the Belfast Taste & Music Fest this weekend. This year I’m even more organised and have created a spreadsheet with all the menus including space to score each dish and add comments. I’ll be doing a lengthy blog post in order to give an overview of the fest next week.

Onwards with cakes. I’ll start with my most recent and one of my favourites. This was for the ever lovely Sera who wanted to celebrate her son’s 1st birthday in style by throwing a fabulous Pirate themed bash. This was so much fun to make, I even found a coin making machine and made all the booty by hand, the coins were Galaxy or Milkybar chocolate. All other decoration is fondant, the lid was constructed from card and covered in fondant.

The rest of the pics are after the jump….

My dads 50th coincided with Mother’s Day celebrations this year so I was tasked with making 2 simple cakes for the party. As he’s a Landscape Architect and vegetarian I designed a vegetable plot that was easy to work around a square cake. All the decoration & vegetables were fondant, the soil was crushed Oreo crumbs. It was messy but was the most realistic soil. The Daisy cake was really simple, just some fondant daisies left for a few days in an egg tray to hold their shape applied to a plain square cake with some quilting testing for the upcoming wedding cake and an added ribbon.

A 30th Birthday Koi cake for a fan of tattoo art. All the decoration is rice crispie treats and white fondant then handpainted.

This is yet another milestone cake for a colleagues father in law. I had to fit a lot on top of a small cake so it’s a little crowded with the birthday boy, his wife, their dog and his favourite jeep.

This final cake was the one I was worrying about the most as it was for my cousins wedding. I did one wedding cake several years ago but it was 4 plain individual tiers with a plain ribbon at the base. I tried to keep this design simple but knew that simple can actually make a cake more difficult as it’s easier to see every single flaw in a plain cake! I originally intended to make the orchids myself but after a few attempts and some panicking a few weeks before the wedding I decided to ask the bride to order more real flowers and I’m so glad I did, it really took the pressure off me. I think the fact that I was a bridesmaid as well as cake maker made this job just a little tougher too! Thankfully it turned out ok on the day. It was a little bottom heavy on each tier but once the flowers were added it really wasn’t that noticeable. I just made sure everyone took snaps from one particular angle.




6 responses

3 08 2011

Amazing work, I love reading your blogs, and so priviledged (seriously) that you were able and willing to do Riley’s cake for us! If you never go into business it will be an utter travesty – you were the absent focal point of the whole party – ppl didn’t believe me when I told them you do this in your spare time!
Thank you so much again

3 08 2011

Aw, thanks Sera. It was a pleasure to do and one of the few cakes that turned out exactly as I had planned. It rarely happens that what I envision actually appears on the cake board but this was a fun one to design and make xo

4 08 2011

the cakes are all lovely 🙂 i remember admiring them over twitter!
i am super intrigued by the coin making machine? where did you find it? if you dont mind me asking!

4 08 2011

Aw, thank you!
No probs, it was from Home Bargains, the discount store. There’s a huge one at Abbey Centre, pretty sure it was about £8. They had a cheaper one but it wasn’t as good, It’s a kids toy so it’s all plastic, kid friendly. It comes with some really horrible choc chips to melt on top of the machine using hot water. I skipped that, melted decent choc in the micro then used it. It’s fiddly and takes a while but was fun to have coins to match the theme! It’s packed away at the moment but if I find it again I’ll post pics.

12 08 2011

Holy moly. That is all I have to say about that.

12 08 2011

lol, I hope that’s a positive holy moly there? 😉

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