Cake roundup

9 09 2011

It’s that time again, a quick catchup with my recent cakes. Apologies for the abysmal photo quality, a combination of bad lighting where I’m currently baking and using the camera on my phone.

Up first is Marvin from Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. The head is vanilla cake with chocolate buttercream & the body is rice crispie treats covered with fondant.

Up next is a cake I made for my friend Emma‘s 30th birthday. This was fun as I got to make lots of different fondant pieces depicting her favourite things. She’s got such a wide range of interests that I could have probably added even more. I think she liked the ones I picked! Cake is vanilla with Galaxy chocolate buttercream and all decoration is fondant.

A few more close-up shots of the different elements on Emma’s cake:

And finally I was lucky enough to be asked to make a 2nd birthday cake for my workmate’s son. I made his 1st birthday cake last year, I’m hoping this will be an ongoing tradition! The Handy Manny cake is vanilla sponge with vanilla & raspberry filling, all decoration is handcut & hand painted fondant.

The saw was my favourite tool to create, so much character in those features.

Until next time folks.




6 responses

19 09 2011

Absolutely fab. Love them all!

12 12 2011

Belated thanks! 🙂

19 09 2011
Sharon Ní Chonchúir

You’re so good at designing cakes, Leah! Did you take classes or do you just have innate ability? If it’s the latter, I’m seething with jealousy.

12 12 2011

Belated reply, I thought I’d replied to all comments but must have missed some!

Thank you for the lovely comments. I’ve been baking for about 7 years or so, just asked my mum for a recipe for her banana bread & caught the bug for all things baking. I didn’t even have any scales so once I bought some and started buying baking books I couldn’t stop. I devoured baking blogs and watched youtube videos and with every cake I did I learnt a little more. It really is trial and error, my first cakes were pretty bad and there are plenty of mistakes that have never seen the light of day. I’m still learning something on every single cake I do now, I’ve just improved as I’ve gone along. It helps that I’ve rarely been asked to do the same design twice. I love the challenge of every new cake, even if I’m usually tearing my hair out trying to figure out how to recreate a design in cake form.

I’ve not taken any decorating classes, etc but I do have an art degree and have always been creative, making my own clothes, crafts (including wedding invitations, etc) and making presents. I’ve just diverted all that creativity into cakes & baking. I never thought I’d end up leaning more towards the novelty cakes as my passion is really in regular baking, brownies, traybakes, etc. I’d like to perfect those as they’ve been neglected while I concentrate on cakes as that’s what people seem to want the most!

If you’re looking for tips mine are a) online research (blogs/ youtube, etc) and b) real life practice (over and over and over)!!

11 12 2011
mum of all trades

fantatstic cakes! you are very talented

12 12 2011

Thank you for the sweet comment. My family and friends keep me busy with all their random design requests. I love your blog, it seems that you can turn your hand to anything and I love all your crafting ideas, especially the costumes. I’m a big sucker for homemade, unique and well thought out costumes!

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