Anyone for KFC?

14 02 2012

These cupcakes were so much fun to create! Claire, one of my friends on twitter is a superb blogger of all things kitsch and due to her eclectic and varied tastes she always asks for the most fun ideas for me to recreate in cake. She featured a post on her blog of food themed baking which included a great version of KFC cupcakes. I tweeted that they were totally possible as I could see how they were done and was itching to try. She very kindly took the hint and ordered some for her husband for Valentine’s Day. I had free rein on what I made so I decided to try and make a range of items. The cupcakes hidden underneath are Raspberry Ruffle, the chips are fondant, the corn on the cob is rice crispie treats covered in fondant, the beans are Jelly Beans covered with gel colour glaze and the popcorn chicken is simply rice crispie treats rolled into balls (I had planned to add more detail but thought they looked fab as they are!) A kindly KFC employee gave me extra packaging when I ordered my meal on my last visit. I love how these turned out, I’ve even managed to fool a few people into thinking the corn on the cob is real. I’ve added a pic of the in progress work so you believe me when I say I made it myself! Big thanks to Claire for always bringing me fab ideas and her continued orders and support.




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