A cake hiatus

21 03 2012

I decided a few weeks ago that I needed a cake break. While that normally conjures up relaxing with the feet up and a slab of decadent cake to gorge on, this was a different type of cake break. After a few months of multiple cake jobs I had become overwhelmed. Even doing more than 2 or 3 cakes in a month is too much when you’re holding down a full time job, living in two places without your OH and taking over your parents kitchen (and dining room) A decent novelty cake takes me 3 – 4 nights and they tend to be during the working week. I had got to the point where I was making toppers or buying supplies at the weekend, drawing up a design then spending every evening baking, cooling, filling and decorating. I was running myself into the ground. I had to make the difficult decision to give myself a 2 month break. I had 2 cakes booked for Mar & April so I kept those in my diary and announced that I wouldn’t take on any other jobs until May. It might seem totally non dramatic to most but baking is my outlet. It might have created a lot of it’s own stress but once I was in the cake zone I loved it. While I’m loving the break I miss the cakes, I’m thinking about them all the time anyway and it seems wrong to not be working on one.

Despite it being strange, I’m happy that I made this decision and am really looking forward to working on some smaller baking projects, baking for fun and even some DIY/ Craft projects over the Easter break. It will be my first time in a few years that I’m not committed to something over a holiday.

To tide you over, here are a few of the cakes I created before I started this much needed break.

A very simple Engagement cake

A small 6 inch cake for a cat lover. I was really pleased with how the painting turned out on this one.

A retirement cake for a keen Marathon runner. I didn’t have his Marathon number so improvised with the date of his retirement. All the detail on the number and finish line is handpainted. The trainers are rice cripsie treats covered in fondant.

And finally, a Wizard of Oz themed cake for a 3 year old boy. His only stipulation was that it featured either the Wicked Witch or The Wizard. I went with the witch as I think she’s a much more interesting character to model and I had to include the yellow break road and Emerald City.




2 responses

23 03 2012

These are so beautiful. I totally understand the stress. I have a job as well as my cake baking and it’s part time and I’m already totally run off my feet. Every second is spent organising, writing lists, baking, mixing, and the worst CLEANING. I am constantly cleaning things. I think people don’t realise how much work goes into baking. Enjoy your break, you definitely deserve it!

23 05 2012

Belated thanks Claire. I feel your frustration and yes, the cleaning is always the part that hurts the most. You feel euphoric at finishing and then realise that you still have so much to do before you can sit down! Good luck with pursuing your passion!

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