Once Upon A Time…

17 08 2012

…there was a girl who became completely and utterly obsessed with a superb fantasy show and her consumption inevitably led to cake. The End.

Well, actually that’s only the beginning. I started to watch Once Upon A Time on Channel 5 after the adverts invaded my brain for about 2 months before the show aired. Once it started I became totally hooked. I devoured everything OUAT related and poured all my crush energy into the most wonderful Lana Parrilla and her Evil Queen portrayal. If you haven’t watched it I highly recommend catching up with it. The wife and I have even converted my mum and she detests anything that can be deemed fantasy, sci-fi, magical or ‘unrealistic’.

As my birthday was approaching in June I decided I must honour my love for OUAT in cake form. I chose the book as the focus of my cake as it’s an important element to the ongoing story. I wanted to make the Evil Queen the highlight of the cake so I added the apple and heart. I won’t spoil it for those that haven’t watched the show but these were important in the half of the season that I had watched up to that point.

The cake is white chocolate mudcake with raspberry marshmallow frosting. The apple and heart are rice crispie treats covered in fondant and hand painted. The detail on the book is all hand painted too. I was so pleased with how it turned out, the apple is definitely my favourite. I still have it saved as I’m loathe to destroy it!

So will you be joining the league of Evil Regals readers?




2 responses

7 12 2012

Wonderful!! The heart is a bit creepy but the details are amazing!

8 12 2012

Thanks for your comment 🙂 I think I made the heart a little too big in relation to the cake & apple but I was happy with the detail. As the apple & heart were made of Rice Krispie treats I still have them in a tub, 6 months later & they’re in perfect condition!

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