I spent many hours helping my grandmother bake while I was young.   I can still remember fighting with my cousin and brother over who got to mix & then lick the spoon at the end.  My grandmother would give us the extra pastry in order for us to make the design for the top of the pie or make our own mini pastries filled with jam.  In the run up to Christmas she would make fruitcakes, watching her soak all the fruit and storing all the cakes for months would fascinate me.  Once I reached my teens I lost interest in helping out at home but my love of food never abated.

About 4 years ago I called my mum to ask for her famous Banana Bread recipe as I had some over ripe banana’s to use up.  I had to measure the ingredients in a plastic drinking cup as I didn’t have any scales and as bizzare as it seems to me now, I didn’t have any of the other ingredients I required in the cupboard.  That one baking experience started me on a path towards an obsession.  Baking, tasting, searching for recipes, reading food blogs, buying cookbooks and buying baking supplies all now consume my every spare second.

My obsession shares space with a full time job, training course and a wonderful partner who has become used to my early morning & late night kitchen exploits.  I’ve started this blog in order to have a place to share my recipes, pictures, tales from the food blogosphere & anything food related that peaks my interest.

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