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11 01 2013

Hello lovely readers. I do hope you all had a fantabulous Christmas & New Year. Onwards & upwards for cakery in 2013. Yes, I’m still working in my accounts job full time but I’m being super organised with the cakes I take on and I’ve finally learnt to say no when it’s just not feasible to find time to sleep in between work & cakes! I have a few exciting cakes in the pipeline in the coming months including a geektastic wedding cake which is both exciting & terrifying at the same time.

My lovely wife not only bought me copious amounts of baking goodies for Christmas, she also made me a new Portfolio with inserts & a hand stitched funky cover. This beauty will be my go-to place for all the info on future cakes and will also have tons of pics of all my previous cakes to show off my skills.

Now, onto to the good stuff. I’ve had a few ‘1st’ cakes in the last few months, they are amongst this lovely bunch.

My very first doll cake! I was so dubious about this one as I’d never even considered how a doll cake was constructed but I was beyond pleased with how it turned out. Yes, it’s very pink & sparkly but I think I was able to try and keep it a little more classy than tacky & still please the birthday girl. A steep learning curve but very fun to create. The doll is an actual Barbie doll, the skirt is 7 layers of chocolate cake & the base cake is vanilla & raspberry.




Next up we have another cake for the fabulous Claire at The World Of Kitsch She wanted a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse themed cake with 2D design. I love the clean lines and vibrant colours of this cake. It wasn’t as unusual as her usual requests but still a fun cake anyway. I love getting orders from Claire, she is very happy to let me be creative with her ideas.


Another birthday boy cake. This time for a friend’s nephew. A simple request for a Fireman Sam cake and I decided to try for something a little different. I’d seen some themed party ware with the flame design so I decided to go all out and base the whole scheme on the flames. I love this look. I’ve been reading up on figure making so I’m trying to apply some of my new skills to figures. I’m still learning but I’ll get there.


A more adult orientated cake now. I made my first version of this for my brothers 30th last summer but I had some major issues with the support structure I used (basically it wasn’t strong enough!) so when my brothers friend asked for the same cake for her boyfriend I had to rethink my base. I used a much sturdier wooden dowel and extra boards on the bottom to give the cake extra support. Unlike my brothers cake this was plain chocolate. I was pleased that I was able to keep the cake staying upright, it looks so much more effective than a bottle lying down.


Another surprise cake here, ordered by my aunt for her neighbours. They are big fans of my chocolate cake and we thought it was high time they had a whole cake to themselves. The wife came up with the clever idea to separate the one piece marked with the husbands name from the rest of the cake & after some cake crumbling occurred I had to make that piece from rice crispie treats so the joke was even funnier when we handed the cake over.


And finally we have another new learning experience for me! My first ever modelled horse. When I was asked to make a horse themed cake I did consider making a cartoon style horse or even having it lie down on the cake but I felt I should aim for a more realistic look. I’m my own worst enemy when it comes to modelling because I’m a real stickler for realism. I know that I made it extra hard on myself but I’m unbelievably pleased with how this turned out. I know from my art college days that even drawing a horse can be difficult s I had no allusions that this would be difficult. I used wire to make an armature, covered the body and neck with foil then applied white fondant in small pieces to build up the body in layers. I must admit to using some polymer clay books as reference material for getting the proportions right. Once the white model was try I smoothed the edges & hand painted it. As I wanted the horse to be the focal point I kept the rest of the cake quite simple in its style. The birthday girl (and avid horse rider) was very pleased with the result.


I’ll catch up with you soon for more cakery. If there’s anything you’d like to see on the blog or any questions please feel free to comment or drop me an email to the address under the contact tab.


Long time no speak…

17 08 2012

Hi blog friends,

Another quick round up of recent cakes and a little info about each of them. I’ve a few extra posts coming up with unusual cakes and it’s my aim to have a back to school blog competition to win lots of lovely baking goodies that I’ve been gathering up for a few months. Nothing too large but lots of fun bits and pieces that any baker would be happy to have in their arsenal. I know I don’t actually get 2 months off in the summer but it starts to get really busy for me come September as the event season arrives in full force and the proper winter weather hits (I know, it’s hard to tell in Northern Ireland when our summer rarely has sun!) There’s always a general feeling of malaise as the darkness descends so what better to cheer up the winter blues than a competition…keep those eyes peeled in the next few weeks.

First up is my first ever attempt at fondant ruffles. This was for my cousins surprise baby shower. She had the fortune to be pregnant at the same time as her best friend so a joint party was in order. We had so much fun squealing over baby clothes and watching them cry while opening a mountain of gifts. I’m not one for sticking to stereotyping but I did go for the classic baby blue and pink combination as it really does work in a two tier cake & it matched in with the invitation. Neither mum-to-be knew the gender of their baby in advance so no surprise pink or blue cakes inside, just a funfetti tier and chocolate tier. The pink is quilted with dragees and the top is ruffled. This is achieved by using a cocktail stick (or the correct modelling tool if you have one!) & rolling back and forth along the edge of a strip of fondant to create a thin ruffled edge. Layer the strips on top of each other and after much cursing and re-rolling you have this beautiful effect. I found the instructions & inspiration here by Bubble & Sweet. How stunning is her pastel rainbow ruffle cake?! Go check out her wonderful blog on more cakes and crafting for her party tables.

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