You need more Kitsch in your life..

17 08 2012

…I prescribe a daily visit to the best Kitsch blog on t’interwebs: The World Of Kitsch Claire is a fab blogger who is wholly dedicated to sharing all things kitsch with her avid readers. She not only finds a wide range of gems online but she lives the Kitsch life on a daily basis as her home is a Kitsch wonderland. Her passion is evident in her daily blogging and tweeting and her love has passed onto her son. I have had the pleasure of making several cakes for her family, a Henry Hoover, Caravan Cake and KFC Cupcakes and I have the honour of being Claire’s go-to cake maker.  Her 3rd anniversary was approaching and I offered to commemorate this occasion with a Kitsch cake. We had discussed a purple unicorn with a rainbow a few months before the date so I knew I wanted to incorporate that. I added some hand painted panels of a few of Claire’s favourite Kitsch things. I was pleased with how it turned out and she was kind enough to feature it on her blog.

The cake is chocolate with white chocolate buttercream, all decoration is fondant.


Long time no speak…

17 08 2012

Hi blog friends,

Another quick round up of recent cakes and a little info about each of them. I’ve a few extra posts coming up with unusual cakes and it’s my aim to have a back to school blog competition to win lots of lovely baking goodies that I’ve been gathering up for a few months. Nothing too large but lots of fun bits and pieces that any baker would be happy to have in their arsenal. I know I don’t actually get 2 months off in the summer but it starts to get really busy for me come September as the event season arrives in full force and the proper winter weather hits (I know, it’s hard to tell in Northern Ireland when our summer rarely has sun!) There’s always a general feeling of malaise as the darkness descends so what better to cheer up the winter blues than a competition…keep those eyes peeled in the next few weeks.

First up is my first ever attempt at fondant ruffles. This was for my cousins surprise baby shower. She had the fortune to be pregnant at the same time as her best friend so a joint party was in order. We had so much fun squealing over baby clothes and watching them cry while opening a mountain of gifts. I’m not one for sticking to stereotyping but I did go for the classic baby blue and pink combination as it really does work in a two tier cake & it matched in with the invitation. Neither mum-to-be knew the gender of their baby in advance so no surprise pink or blue cakes inside, just a funfetti tier and chocolate tier. The pink is quilted with dragees and the top is ruffled. This is achieved by using a cocktail stick (or the correct modelling tool if you have one!) & rolling back and forth along the edge of a strip of fondant to create a thin ruffled edge. Layer the strips on top of each other and after much cursing and re-rolling you have this beautiful effect. I found the instructions & inspiration here by Bubble & Sweet. How stunning is her pastel rainbow ruffle cake?! Go check out her wonderful blog on more cakes and crafting for her party tables.

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Cake roundup

9 09 2011

It’s that time again, a quick catchup with my recent cakes. Apologies for the abysmal photo quality, a combination of bad lighting where I’m currently baking and using the camera on my phone.

Up first is Marvin from Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. The head is vanilla cake with chocolate buttercream & the body is rice crispie treats covered with fondant.

Up next is a cake I made for my friend Emma‘s 30th birthday. This was fun as I got to make lots of different fondant pieces depicting her favourite things. She’s got such a wide range of interests that I could have probably added even more. I think she liked the ones I picked! Cake is vanilla with Galaxy chocolate buttercream and all decoration is fondant.

A few more close-up shots of the different elements on Emma’s cake:

And finally I was lucky enough to be asked to make a 2nd birthday cake for my workmate’s son. I made his 1st birthday cake last year, I’m hoping this will be an ongoing tradition! The Handy Manny cake is vanilla sponge with vanilla & raspberry filling, all decoration is handcut & hand painted fondant.

The saw was my favourite tool to create, so much character in those features.

Until next time folks.


28 03 2011

Time for a quick catchup before I have my first ever blog competition!  Baking has taken a back seat recently, I’ve been churning a lot of ideas for potential future treats but putting them into practice has proved difficult. I’ve also been plagued with worries about an impending wedding cake and another secretive baking job that I hope I can divulge a little more about in a few weeks.  I’ve gone through many days filled with doubt at my skills and fear that lack of time means I’ll not develop or adapt to ever advancing ideas out in the baking ether.  I have to rein my brain in and remind myself why I’m doing this….because I love it. A swift kick to remind me that it’s not about anyone else, it’s not about being better than others, it’s not about charging to little or too much, it’s about the love of creating.  I want to always think about bringing a smile to someone’s face with the look and taste of what I create, that’s it.  The rest is just gravy peeps. 

 Onto recent endeavours…

This cake was so much fun to design.  I was told that it had to be penguin themed, that’s it.  I decided a scene would give me greater scope for modelling and I knew I wanted to create a winter wonderland effect with the whole cake rather than just placing a few figures on top of a plain base.  It’s one of the few cakes I’ve finished and thought it actually looks insanely close to how it looked in my head while I was designing it!

All the toppers are fondant; the igloo is rice crispie treats covered in fondant. The trees were made with my mini star cutters and I trimmed a few to make them graduated a little at the top.  The ‘water’ in the fishing hole is a little royal icing tinted blue and poured into a dip created in the top of the cake.  I’m committing a cardinal sin by stating that I can’t remember what the cake inside is!  I think it might be vanilla but I’m not really sure!

These cupcakes were whipped up at the last minute to bring into work for St. Paddy’s Day.  I got it into my head that I wanted to make something bright to cheer everyone up and St Pat was a great excuse to make rainbows and pots of gold. The cupcakes were a basic vanilla tinted green and the frosting was the divine white chocolate buttercream.  This buttercream has become my new favourite and will be adorning most of my future cupcakes.  It firms up beautifully, it’s not greasy and tastes sweet with a lovely creamy kick from the added chocolate.  

All the toppers are fondant.  I used a mini heart cutter to make my Shamrocks, very simply adding a stem and sticking them together with a little water.

The rainbows were made by rolling thin lengths of different colours, sticking them with water then rolling them thin with my mini rolling pin and cutting them to size.

The pots are balls of black fondant, a small disc flattened on top with a mound of yellow on top. I rolled a few smaller balls of yellow and flattened them onto the large yellow mound then painted the whole thing with some gold lustre dust. 

And of course I had to tint the cupcakes green, it’s almost mandatory when it comes to St Patrick’s Day baking.

Be sure to check out my next post for my first ever competition!

Picture Post: Cake Extravaganza

15 10 2010

So once again I’ve neglected this blog.  A combination of life & work getting in the way of other pursuits.  I have also been experiencing problems with my netbook meaning I couldn’t get images uploaded.  All very pitiful excuses but thems the breaks. Onwards and upwards….this is basically a picture post of recent cakes with a little blurb about each one.  I do hope to get back on track with the blogging but I said that the last time, and we all know how that turned out!

This cake was for an 80 year old who loves watching the birds feed on her bird table.  I was given free reign with the design as long as it included a bird table and Robins (which are her favourite bird)  Sometimes I prefer to work from a very specific design, other times I prefer to be free to do what I want & in this case I was so happy with the outcome.  The cake is vanilla with raspberry and vanilla filling.  The table is fondant covered cake with handpainted woodgrain effect.  The robins are rice crispie treats covered in white fondant and hand painted with paste food colours.  The seeds are fondant.

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Cakes Galore

3 08 2010

Since I jumped back on the baking wagon after my exam imposed exile I have been swamped with cakes.  It’s a tough balancing act with work and the rest of the mundane tasks that suck up all your time outside of work.  I’ve enjoyed some of the new skills I’ve had to employ though and am relishing trying new things and look forward to the different designs I have yet to create in the coming weeks.

This is pretty much a picture post with just a quick description of the cake designs.

Check out the rest of the pics after the jump….

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Football themed birthday cake

17 02 2010

This cake was a last minute decision for family.  I meant to ask if a cake was needed for the 50th party weeks ago but only remembered on Thursday so this was all made on Sunday morning.  It took a few hours from start to finish, the logo was super quick, hence why it’s not as good as I’d like but everyone recognised it so that’s half the battle won!

The cake is a 10″ Double Vanilla with raspberry and Vanilla cream filling.  The covering is covered fondant, the logo was hand cut and letters were made with these:  I’ve had a set of smaller tappits before and never quite mastered using them.  I finally did some research, checked videos online and read the instructions correctly.  I’m so happy that I can now use them properly and with a lot less fuss.  My top tip is to make two of every letter or number you need, they are fragile once dried and break so easily!