23 05 2013

Hi all,

Long time no speak (again) Alas life has run away with me yet again so publishing posts has fallen by the wayside (again) I am on the lookout for a new (and simpler) way for me to keep up to date with sharing my cakery. I had considered something super quick like tumblr but I don’t think that’s what I want. I must investigate as I’m not happy with my current system.

Anyway, onto the cake p*rn. I’m going to be brief and literally just post a ton of pics of all the cakes since we last met. Apologies as it will be lengthy.

If you have any questions about any of my cakes feel free to post a comment and I’ll answer as best I can. Also, if you’ve suggestions of great blogging tools for simple posting, particularly via an ipad/ iphone please do share!

First up we have one of my favourite ever cakes – The Tardis. Now I’m a big Whovian so was super excited to make this for a fellow fan. Her lovely boyfriend organised it as a surprise and they very kindly filmed her reaction and sent me pictures of the cutting of the cake. I love when people do that for my cakes, it means the world to me and makes every back breaking minute worth it. I totally underestimated the time it would take to make this one so it took about 8 hours to decorate. And that was after all the baking and assembling of 8 layers of chocolate cake covered in ganache. I also love that the pic of it cut shows how truly wibbly-wobbly the Tardis is šŸ˜‰

Next is the always popular Spiderman. I do love making characters as there is always great reference material to work from and they are instantly recognisable if done right. I think I managed to get a great web effect on this cake and on the figure.

This animal themed cake posed a problem. I knew the birthday girl loved animals but her favourite is the Polar Bear. I wanted to incorporate that along with other jungle creatures but wasn’t quite sure how. I went with her dipping her feet in the Polar bears pool while the elephant, monkey, tiger and giraffeĀ gallivantedĀ around the edges. The giraffe was definitely my favourite, so cute.

Another difficult themed cake. The birthday boy has a lot of hobbies and his fiance wanted as many as possible on his cake. I chose golf, fishing & cooking in an outdoor setting to try and bring all the elements together. He’s also wearing his favourite football shirt. The only thing I missed out was a snowboard, I just wasn’t sure where I could put it.

A big fan of John Deere for my next cake. I knew I had to make it look as much like the real thing without driving myself insane so some artistic liberties were taken with the finer detail on this tractor. I loved adding all the mud as I figured part of the appeal of farm machinery is the mess that they create.

A 40th anniversary cake next. My brief was that it was to be a ring box with a ruby ring. I originally wanted to do a completely different colour scheme but settled on gold and ruby as it gelled so well with colours on the ring. I had such drama with the ring, it managed to break in 2 places just as I was putting the whole thing together! After a few quick fixes it was all fine. I was so happy with how the lid turned out. My recent purchase of Tylo powder has made the world of difference to my modelling, my work definitely dries out & hardens so much better now. Big thanks to Kathryn at Candy Tuft Cakes for that tip.

Another new challenge for me, a Louboutin cake. I have made one other cake with heels on it but this had to match exactly with the birthday girls favourite shoes. I actually bought a mould and tried to use it along with some separate modelling but it was an utter disaster so I had to start from scratch while I was also in the middle of making a wedding cake! Thankfully it was a success and despite not getting a pair of the real shoes for her 21st the recipient was very happy with her sugar substitute.

Wedding cakes can strike such fear into my heart. I still don’t know why the pressure of a wedding cake is so unlike a novelty cake for any other occasion. Perhaps it’s that the anticipation and build up to a big day can be so long. I just know that even having a year to prepare for my next cake didn’t stop my nerves when it came time to make it. The design was simple in it’s theme but the execution was difficult. The bride and groom are big Doctor Who fans (along with several other fandoms, I loved their table settings/theming, mostly handmade by the bride and very personal – gorgeous!) So they asked for Gallifreyan symbols for words/ names important to them and the show. They gave me symbols for Bride, Groom, their names, Love, etc. I had to handpaint all of them with edible silver paint on Tardis blue fondant. There really wasn’t much room for error as the dark background was not very forgiving! Thankfully they were impressed as were all the guests.

And finally, you’ll be please to hear, is my most recent cake. A colleague is leaving this week to have her first child. I used muted pastel colours on a pair of booties and patchwork quilt. It’s a simple design but very effective once put together. This was a surprise and very well received. The family’s on both sides passed it around for everyone to see over 5 days, I was starting to worry that the parents-to-be were never going to get to eat the cake! Thankfully it was finally cut and promptly devoured.

Cheers for bearing with my pic spam, maybe next time I’ll post a little bit quicker!